Auto Update Your TEI Framework in oXygen

One of the great things about the oXygen XML Editor that I use is that it allows frameworks as add-ons (from version 14+, though actually for the TEI one you need 15.2+) for various document types. These can consist of template documents, XSLT files for transformations, CSS, and all manner of customisations to oXygen.

The TEI Consortium jointly maintains an open source and openly-licensed oxygen-tei framework at

I’ve been asked a number of times to explain to someone how they can keep the TEI framework in their oXygen installation up to date automatically with releases of the TEI P5 Guidelines (and thus the underlying schema) as well as releases to the TEI-XSL Stylesheets.

The process for this isn’t entirely intuitive, but is not too difficult if you follow the steps below.

Add the oXygen-TEI Add-on

Go to Options/Preferences -> Add-ons and click ‘Add’

The updateSite.oxygen File

Add the URL this is a file which is updated every time there is a TEI Guidelines or Stylesheets release. Click ‘Ok’.


Automatic Updates

Back in the preferences window check ‘Enable automatic updates checking’ and click ‘OK’.

Check for Updates

Go to the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘Check for add-ons updates’

Update Available!

If there has been a TEI Guidelines or e update since you last updated (or installed oXygen) then you should get prompted to install an update. Click ‘Review updates’.

Review Updates

Click the checkbox next to ‘TEI P5’ and then click ‘Install’.


The oXygen-TEI framework package will be downloaded, speed depending on your connection to the internet.

Install the Update

Once oXygen has downloaded the package you must check to agree to all the license terms. (All TEI Consortium materials are dual-licensed as BSD 2-Clause and/or Creative Commons Attribution.) Accept, and then click ‘Continue’.

Warning: Valid Signatures

When you install the package you’ll be warned that it doesn’t have valid signatures. If you trust the TEI Consortium then you should click ‘Continue anyway’.

To Complete the Update: Restart oXygen

In order to have oXygen start using the new framework, you must restart the application.

Next Time

Next time there is a TEI Guidelines or TEI XSL Stylesheets release you will get prompted to install the updates. That is all there is to it!

16 thoughts on “Auto Update Your TEI Framework in oXygen”

  1. Very useful!

    In my experience, the “Operation in progress” box ALWAYS looks as if it’s died, even though it hasn’t. I don’t think the speed of your internet connexion has much to do with it — the progress bar just doesn’t get updated till the download has finished. I think this is a bug which Syncrosoft know about though.

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. Do feel free to link to it from other locations as that might make this post appear in Google when people search for how to do this.


  3. Hi James,
    very useful explanation for many, one should add that add-ons and thus all what you explained is available only from oXygen v14+.

    Best, Torsten

  4. Thank you a lot for the useful tip!

    Anyway, I would like to know your opinions and experiences of using stylesheets for FO processing. I am a bit desperate at the moment because it seems there is a problem with table and footnote rendering (heads for tables, footnote numbers). It would be great to know I am not alone.


  5. More recent versions of oXygen have an additional option “Install new add-ons” on the Help menu. You need to use that if you’re setting up a new add on for the first time. I found this out when producing a French version of this helpful tutoriel.

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